Joint Injections

Joint Injections

Joint Injections services offered in Newburyport, Danvers and Gloucester, MA

Joint injections are a fast and effective method of reducing inflammation and pain in a joint. Pain Management Centers of New England provides joint injections in Newburyport, MA.  Drs. Branton and Ho also perform Synvisc knee joint injections at the Pain Management Center at the Lahey Outpatient Center in Danvers.  As the foremost pain management providers on the north shore and Merrimack Valley, the practice’s team of pain management specialists consistently exceeds expectations and leads patients to more active and healthy lives. Call the nearest office to schedule your consultation or book online today.

Joint Injections QA

What are joint injections?

A steroid joint injection includes a mixture of an anesthetic medication, which numbs the joint temporarily, and a anti-inflammatory steroid medication, which combats inflammation long term.  Our joint injections are performed under ultrasound guidance to precisely guide the mediation into the joint. 

Joint pain can steadily worsen over time, making it hard to stay active, but joint injections can provide fast relief. This can give you a break from the pain, help you become more active, and allow you to participate in physical therapy.

When might I need joint injections?

If you have chronic joint pain that doesn’t respond to initial therapies — physical therapy, lifestyle modifications, and medication — joint injections could be the next step in your treatment plan.

You can experience joint pain nearly anywhere in your body,  We treat the joints that most often cause debilitating pain such as:

  • Hip
  • Knee
  • Shoulder
  • Ankle
  • Sacroiliac (SI) joint, which connects the pelvis and the end of the spine
  • Facet joints at the top and bottom of each spinal vertebraes

Arthritis is the most common reason for joint pain, but a joint injury can also lead to pain requiring this type of injection.

How do joint injections work?

The team of specialists at Pain Management Centers of New England performs hip, knee, and shoulder joint injections.  In general a joint is injected with a local anesthetic mixed with an anti-inflammatory steroid. The local anesthetic reduces pain immediately but it will wear off after a couple of hours.  The steroid may take a couple of days to produce pain relief as it works to reduce the amount of inflammation in your joint.  Most of our joint injections are performed under ultrasound guidance.

This assures that you receive the injection directly into the joint. You may feel pressure during the injection, but it’s a fast process.

How long does pain relief last after joint injections?

Joint injections typically decrease pain from a few weeks to several months. The effectiveness and longevity can vary with the specific joint and the patient.

If your hip, knee, or shoulder joint injection provides effective pain relief, you can have a repeat injection after waiting at least six weeks. It’s generally safe to have up to three or four joint injections in a specific joint yearly. 

Suppose you’re getting good results with joint injections but need a more permanent solution for chronic joint pain. We work closely with top rated orthopedic surgeons and will make a referral at your request. If you plan on having your joint replaced, a joint injection may delay your surgery.  Thus, you should discuss this with your orthopedic surgeon.

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